Heichel’s Corner

An aerial photo of the I-5 exchange at Heichel’s Corner. Highway work is progressing, this is looking north across the Stillaguamish River bridges of Interstate 5. Showing the major road-building project that has been underway here and which will see six lanes of the north-south artery. Pilchuck bridging appears near top of the picture.

Early History

John Thomas Logan was the pioneer telegrapher who ran the Stanwood telegraph office. The telegraph poles marched from the south across the beach and tidelands at Birmingham (Warm Beach), bringing a line to Stanwood.

Jan. 6, 1911

A good position can be had by ambitious young men and ladies in the field of “wireless or railway telegraphy. Since the eight-hour law became effective and since the wireless companies were establishing stations throughout the country, there was a great shortage in telegraphers. Positions paid beginners from $70 to $90 per month.

Jan. 4, 1921

Harold and Ethel Mae (born in 1921) Warsinski married in 1942 and made their home in Stanwood where he was a well-known veterinarian who wore the “designer” coveralls she made for him. He was innovative in the international cow embryo-transplant field, with Bova Inc. headquarters at Stanwood.

Jan. 6, 1931

S.C. Thurmond, the 80-year-old kid of the community, expected to install a miniature golf course on his place, about mid-way between the business districts of the Twin Cities. He threatened to beat any golf fan in the county after his course was established and he said he didn't mean “maybe.”

Jan. 2, 1941

Charlie Simonson, genial proprietor of the Stanwood Drug Store, suffered a painful accident on Christmas Day while on duty as a volunteer fireman. A call was turned in from the Stanwood Auto Co. around 3 p.m. and while acting as the nozzleman, the hose was wrenched from his hand, tearing loose several ligaments in his right arm. He was treated at the Stanwood Hospital. 

Jan. 2, 1951

Bringing further recognition and fame to the Twin City area, Camano’s “city-bred farmer,” Clarence Dirks, started a five-day-a-week radio program on the NBC station in Seattle, KOMO radio. 

Jan. 3, 1961

Dr. R.C. Peterson bought the Stanwood Dental Group offices from Dr. D.G. Wheeler, located in the west end of town.

Jan. 5, 1971

Plywood decking was laid on the overpass bridge at Heichel’s Corner (at I-5, Exit 212). Similar construction was in progress at the Freeborn overpass and also King’s Inn, or Dawson Road, overpass. Commuters from Stanwood and Camano appreciated the new traffic flow that would soon simplify their routes to and from work on Highway 533. 

Jan. 1, 1991

It was a white Christmas with 4-6 inches of snow, resulting in a dozen cars and a semi tangling on icy I-5 between 300th Street and Starbird Road, northeast of Stanwood.

Jan. 2, 2001

Winds of 60 mph howled across Camano Island, snapping power lines and felling trees, one of which crashed through the roof of a Camaloch home.

Jan. 4, 2011

Bob Otterson constructed his home on a manmade “island” more than 3 feet above the base flood elevation of the Stillaguamish River, and in December 2010, he and his wife sat comfortably in their living room while watching floodwaters rise around them. It crested at 4 feet against the concrete blocks lining their one-acre oasis along the Miller Road.

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