Oct. 20, 1911

An “Anti-Smut Campaign” was declared after the Chief Grain Inspector of Washington estimated that farmers of the wheat belt in Washington, Idaho and Oregon lost $7 million in 1911 due to smut. Leaders met to “discuss the situation and plan for a systematic campaign of education, experimentation and organization to eradicate this costly pest.”

Oct. 16, 1931

The Stanwood Commercial Club started fundraising for an unemployment relief program they proposed to carry out over the winter to feed itinerant workers who find themselves in Stanwood without funds. They asked each employed person to contribute a day’s wages each month to be used in giving work to the unemployed men here.

Oct. 16, 1941

Snohomish County asked farmers to increase production and residents were asked to grow home gardens. Goals were set at a national, state and county level to meet increased food production “for the improved nutrition of the country and the needs of the nations that stand between this country and Hitler."

Oct. 18, 1951

Stanwood Commercial Club, headed by Attorney Edward Jones, met at Stanwood City Hall with representatives from the Army Engineers, County Commissioners and the state Highway Department to discuss dredging the mouth of the Stillaguamish River up to the south channel to allow navigation of shallow draft boats. They decided to examine the benefits since cost of maintenance was a factor.

Oct. 19, 1961

Stanwood Hotel and Tavern sought a license to allow dancing. A public hearing was set to discuss pro and con opinions. In other news, work began to change the school district’s name from Twin Cities to Stanwood, since the city had incorporated.

Oct. 20, 1971

Mervin Francis on Florence Road, Stanwood, told the news that his son, Corporal Dale M. Francis, sent word home that he was stationed at the remote mountaintop Firebase Rakkasan, a “rest and recuperation” fortress near Hue, in the Republic of Vietnam. Francis was a mechanic with a howitzer gun crew. "After spending 15 days in the field, … even this Firebase, with its many bunkers and muddled roads, looks good,” Dale Francis wrote.

Oct. 14, 1981

The state made massive budgets cuts, sending school districts considering cuts in every department. School Superintendent Robert Larson considered shortening the school day and shaving curriculum down to basics, but “it’s too premature for me to come up with cuts,” he said. Camano Island State Park was also looking at closures due to state budget cuts.

Oct. 16, 1991

Playfields went on a fast track when Snohomish County pitched $50,000 into the city of Stanwood’s effort to purchase 40 acres north of the middle school to convert into a complex of soccer and baseball fields for youth sports. This is now Heritage Park, which is currently undergoing upgrades.

Oct. 16, 2001

After surviving a brain tumor, Deborah Caldwell started a comedy aid troupe to perform humorous skits and stand-up acts to cheer up patients in hospitals and nursing homes. She was inspired by the humor and support that her friends and family gave her as she went through chemotherapy.

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