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June 24

A woman was arrested on a warrant after police responded to a domestic dispute.

After a traffic stop, a man was arrested due to outstanding warrants as well as a lack of a court-ordered ignition interlock device in his car.

June 25

Police responded to a verbal altercation between a couple. 

June 26

A business in 10000 block of 269th Avenue NW reported that a glass door had been broken. Officers are reviewing video footage.

June 29

A physical altercation was reported between two neighbors.

A business on 72nd Avenue NW reported an attempted shoplifting. A juvenile was contacted and trespassed.

Police responded to a verbal altercation.

July 2

Police assisted in a call regarding a stolen license plate on the 27000 block of 85th Drive NW. The remaining plate was taken to be destroyed.

A Camano Island man, 29, was arrested on an active warrant after he was contacted regarding driving a vehicle with missing license plates.

July 5

Officers pursued a Seattle man, 49, in a car that was thought to be driving under the influence. The driver initially refused to stop, but later heeded as other officers joined for backup. The man was intoxicated and was arrested.

July 6

A citizen turned in a lost Visa card that was later found to be suspicious. The business listed on the card reported that no one by the name listed on card name worked for them. The card was booked into evidence for destruction.

Police responded to a domestic dispute between a couple.


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