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June 16

Stanwood Police assisted another agency with a sexual assault case that had occurred 22-23 years ago in the 9800 block of 271st Street NW.

June 17

A collision occurred in the 7000 block of 276th Street NW. Vehicle 1 failed to yield to vehicle 2, which had right of way. Vehicle 1 was cited for failure to yield.

June 18

A fence was damaged in the 7100 block of Tyler Place NW by two neighbor dogs who broke through to chase a raccoon and a domestic cat. The cat was taken to the vet.

June 19

Mail was delivered to a past tenant of an apartment in the 8400 block of Henning Drive, the new owner did not return the mail to the recipient, who now lives in another apartment in the same complex. 

A theft occurred in the 27000 block of 92nd Avenue NW. Two suspects entered the store and took high-dollar items. The business provided a good description of the vehicle, which headed toward Camano Island. Island County was notified. Investigation continues.

June 20

A collision occurred in the 7200 block of Highway 532. Vehicle rear-ended the vehicle in front of it.

June 23

A truck was stolen from the 27000 block of 104th Drive NW. The victim had a tracking system which indicated the vehicle was in Everett. Police responded and arrested a 27-year-old Lake Stevens man. The vehicle contained a lot of stolen property not associated with the vehicle theft victim.

Unemployment fraud was reported in the 28000 block of 83rd Drive NW.

June 24

Two vehicle prowls occurred in the 27000 block of Village Place NW.

A wallet was reported lost in the 26000 block of 90th Avenue NW.

A stolen vehicle was recovered in the 6800 block of 268th Street NW. When the vehicle was reported stolen it had a trailer attached. The trailer was not located with the truck but was located down the street in the 5200 block.

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