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Jan. 29

A woman reported that a beauty health machine and facial products were stolen from her business on 265th Street during an extended closure.

Jan. 30

A business on 272nd Street reported that a man and a woman stole multiple Carhart clothing items.

An Everett woman reported that a garage at her property on 104th Drive had been burglarized.

A package was reported stolen from a residence on 74th Avenue.

Feb. 4

A man, 33, was arrested on a warrant following a theft investigation at a business on 92nd Avenue.

Feb. 9

A Stanwood man reported the fraudulent use of his debit card for large purchases on 281st Place. His account information was also used to manufacture and pass forged checks.

Feb. 10

A Stanwood man, 28, was arrested for driving with his license suspended and for obstructing a law enforcement officer following a routine traffic stop.

Feb. 11

A Stanwood man reported his wallet had been stolen at a business on 104th Drive after it fell out of his pocket.

Feb. 14

A stolen vehicle was located on Marine Drive during a routine patrol of the area.

Feb. 15

A man and a woman who had previously committed theft at a business on 272nd Street were back in the store, and the store wanted them trespassed.

Feb. 16

A Lake Stevens man was referred for assault following an argument on 102nd Street in Stanwood.

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