Kathy Boyd

Knowing the truism, “nothing stays the same forever,” has helped me to embrace change through good times and tough times. And never more than now, as I prepare to retire on Sept. 13 and hand over leadership of the newsroom to our enthusiastic and talented sports and business writer Evan Caldwell.

I can virtually guarantee more changes are sure to come for the Stanwood Camano News. Don’t know what those changes will look like, but I’m confident they will come.

I’m equally confident SC News readers and supporters will embrace them, just as they did when I joined this newspaper’s amazing team nearly four years ago in October 2016. Now that I’m leaving, I wish I’d come sooner and could stay longer.

Soon after coming to Stanwood, I quickly discovered a friendly, welcoming community on both sides of the Camano Gateway Bridge – and lots of news that needed to be shared. That’s likely to change (increase!), too. 

As the population of this gem of a community continues to grow, so will the need for able reporters to tell the stories of people working to improve the community and to write the news – about business developments, reliance on fair government and representation, about ways to accommodate housing to fill demand, about area schools, community services that assist people needing a hand up and how emergency responders do what they can to prevent crime or enhance residents’ wellbeing.

These stories are the heart of our newsroom and what have made me look forward to coming to work each and every day – never knowing what to expect, but never mundane or routine, always different, always changing.

Thank you, Camano Island and Stanwood residents, readers and newspaper staff, for your friendship, cooperation and willingness to embrace change. You will be in my heart always.

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