Mathew records the parable of the Good Sower. As St. Francis said, “Pray unceasingly, (with your actions), if necessary, use words.” From this text we may transfer a moral of the story, “Sow love unceasingly, using acts of kindness, if necessary, use words.”

We have been graced with the Holy Spirit and God’s gift of understanding that each of us is created by God and is a beloved member of Jesus’ family. We were taught love by our mothers and family to generously give away.

We are all different people from different places with different denominations. In my hometown in Pennsylvania most people either went to the Roman Catholic Church or to the Friends meeting (Quakers). The only summer bible school was run by the Presbyterians.

Memorial Day parades ended in the Methodist graveyard where American Legion guns shot off three times over the graves of soldiers who had died in battle during the World War I.

People seemed to know that nobody had sole possession of God.

I grew older and went to Florida, Texas, California and the Far East with the Navy, I saw people of grace of every denomination and none.

Love is in us and in everybody. We do have to accept it, knowing we have been unloving ourselves a time or two. As we get older, we understand better the need to be patient with other and ourselves, forgiving unreasonably.

Jesus came to show forgiveness to the world. A free gift. It is frequently a surprise that we, personally, have been sent to bring the light of love to others through kindness.

Some barriers can prevent some people from understanding the truth of love. Some lessons are hard and take maturity to embrace, like “Love your enemy.”

All our time is God’s time. All ground is Holy.

All of us have something to contribute. It does not have to be large or costly. Jesus mentions a cup of cold water to the thirsty. Our smiles can show others we have the love of God in our hearts and are willing to share it with them.

Our service of sowing seeds of love to others is given in thanks for our lives, for our skills, for our family and friends. Our mission is to welcome others as new “insiders,” joyously sharing what we were given.

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