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As we enter yet another school year, we take time to reflect on the role of education in our lives and how it has contributed to making us the people we are today. The research is undeniable: when schools and communities embrace the arts — dance, music, theater and visual and media arts — st…

Responding to the Marines United photo scandal last March, the commander of the U.S. Coast Guard, Admiral Paul Zukunft, sent an all-hands email addressing the importance of individual character and of building and maintaining a culture of respect within the Coast Guard.

With the Senate version of a new health care plan dominating the news this past week, we wanted to make sure area residents had a chance to air their views in the following guest op-ed columns.

Patients, as health care consumers, should be informed, able to review the prices of, and gain access to, the best health care services in a fair and open marketplace.

Republicans won nationally in the recent November election. From a policy standpoint, American voters clearly said they want a new direction for the country, including a new direction for our health care system.

We can learn from dogs' ever-devoted affection and enthusiasm.

She’s my new wife, she’s pregnant, and the baby isn't mine! Oh, the scandal – I could kill her, I thought.

Some people may have noticed on their calendars that on Jan. 7, it often says “Orthodox Christmas Day,” or “Eastern Orthodox Christmas,” which brings the question, "Why do the Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas that day?" and an interesting answer.

The holiday season teems with wide-eyed anticipation for Santa, snow, and gingerbread lattes. And who doesn’t enjoy watching the chaos of excited children thrashing through wrapping paper?

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For some, the holidays are a time to gather with family and friends and give thanks for the blessings we enjoy. For others, it’s a time to volunteer at soup kitchens to help the less fortunate. For still others, it’s simply a chance to eat a huge meal and watch football.

Many of us ignore physical symptoms — an aching tooth, a shoulder which locks up, early signs of diabetes or high blood pressure. Maybe we’re afraid of the dentist, don’t want to face possible surgery, or don’t want to deal with medications and lifestyle changes.

Initiative 1491 passed with more than 70 percent of the vote as of Tuesday evening, Nov. 8, in our state, voting in favor of common sense gun laws for the second election cycle in a row. 

American elections traditionally have been cantankerous. Some early political feuds were so bitter they were settled with pistols in duels, the most famous of which occurred between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton in 1804. Hamilton was killed.

In recent days, we have heard heated campaign rhetoric about American elections being “rigged” and somehow predetermined. This kind of baseless accusation is irresponsible and threatens to undermine voter confidence in this most basic foundation of democracy.

In planning an upcoming trip to Belize, I was struck dumb when I read the following sentence about this beautiful country in “The Rough Guide to Belize”: “The enigma of the Maya’s ‘collapse’ remains unsolved to this day, though lengthy droughts, overpopulation, exhaustion of arable land, soc…

I’m a relatively new resident on Camano Island, having moved here three years ago from Surrey, British Columbia. I am a creative person, so moving down here and discovering a vibrant and varied artistic community has been an extremely positive experience.

Before Charles Krauthammer became a political columnist capable of simultaneously endearing and enraging all comers, left and right, he studied medicine at Harvard, practiced psychiatry at Massachusetts General, and directed psychiatric research planning in the Carter administration. For tha…

Accessible, accurate and secure elections are the cornerstone of our government. With our state primary a little over a month away, all voters must have confidence that our representatives have been fairly elected. Because of this, all election administrators must demonstrate nonpartisan act…

American Legion Post 92 meets in a 77-year-old building in Stanwood, across from Viking Village, that is showing its age. Built by the W.P.A. during the depression era, it was the West Stanwood City Hall until east and west Stanwood merged in the 1950s.

Our American Legion Post 92, Stanwood, was named in memory of Frank H. Hancock, a Stanwood farmer who was drafted for military service in June of 1918. He was trained in several Army camps, Fort Lewis, Washington, and Camp Kerney, California.

Over more than three decades in Congress, I had the chance to question a lot of federal officials. Most of the time I wasn’t after anything dramatic — I just wanted to understand who was responsible for certain decisions. How often did I get a straight answer? Almost never.

Cancer mortality is at an all-time low. That’s the good news. The bad news is that cancer still kills one in five Americans. We want better cancer treatments — and cures — for our loved ones and ourselves.