Dear Editor: 

. I didn’t realize it until Sept. 22. So I spent many anxious hours retracing my steps, searching everywhere, making sure there were no fraudulent charges registered, and a hour or more with robot calls and finally a human being, to cancel the card and order a new one.

 On Sept. 23, I thought maybe I dropped it at QFC. So I called and, sure enough, they had the card. I went to the store to get it so that I could cut it up myself, but decided to ask the store manager why no one from the store called me when the card was found.

He responded, basically, that they didn’t do this, that he was sorry about it, but that he could not have accessed my QFC account, using only my name. He opened a locked drawer and withdrew a small stack of credit cards, with mine on the top, illustrating how common it is to lose a credit card.  I showed him my driver’s license and he gave me back my card. 

 This letter is simply to tell anyone who has lost a credit card, at QFC, or perhaps all grocery stores and other retail stores, that you need to go to the store in person to see if it might be in their locked drawer before you cancel the card.

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