Dear Editor: George Zeigen would be a great asset to our Stanwood School Board. He puts the success of the student first. He has the unique ability to see things through the eye of an educator, the perspective of the parent and eye of the student. He knows if you can’t understand the way the student sees things or listen to what they are telling you about their own situation or education, then you have done an injustice. 

Until you have a child that requires special accommodations or understanding, you may not realize how important this ability is. Being able to bend, change, give in, work harder or put in extra time to find success for some of the more “difficult student” cases is key. And, George does all of that.

When our family had interactions with George, I felt heard and respected, even if it wasn’t what I was hoping to hear. And the same is true for each of our sons. He is a fact finder, respectful, compassionate but direct. Whether it be disciplinary, maneuvering through a difficult family situation or tragedy, or academic struggles, he made our family feel like he was putting our kids first. 

He doesn’t just talk; he takes action, and he never forgets what a student needs to be successful. Just because a student left the middle school didn’t mean they dropped off his radar or that he felt his job was done. 

George has followed our kids, specifically our youngest, who really needed it, well beyond middle school and took opportunities to acknowledge accomplishments. Clearly George is vested in the lifelong success of students.

George just gets it! Great educator. Overall great person. George would bring great value to the Stanwood School Board. The entire community would gain from him serving on it.



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