Dear Editor, 


As a parent in our district, I wanted to share my thoughts on why Natalie Hagglund should retain her seat on the Stanwood-Camano School Board.

Four years ago, we moved from a state in which we were a part of its largest district (six high schools, 11 middle schools and 55 elementaries). We chose the Stanwood-Camano School District with intention. We wanted a district that was small but innovative, had specialized programs to meet our students’ needs, was moving forward in education and was a safe place for our kids. We didn’t want to get lost again and be one of 64,000 families; we wanted to be involved and know the people who were making the decisions about our students’ educational well-being. 

Enter Natalie. Little did I know that when we moved into our new neighborhood, that the lady two doors down would be the encouragement that got us involved in our new district. Because of her involvement and enthusiasm as a volunteer, I became involved with volunteering at Twin City Elementary in PTA and then with Citizens for Stanwood Camano Schools.

When her first board election came up two months after we moved in, I knew where my vote was going — to someone who not only invested her time, energy, and talents into the school district, but also actively encouraged others to do so as well. I know and trust that she is part of a board that has actively sought to do the best for their parents and families. She has been a part of bringing (and keeping) programs, keeping a balanced budget and weighing hard decisions. She will continue to bring integrity, experience and relevance to the current and upcoming needs of our district. 


Kirsti Daniels


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