Dear Editor: Have you received your survey? Republican, Libertarian, Democrat, Progressive or Independent, be aware of this tricky-worded survey.

How many truly understand what “socialism” is and how it operates in our society here in America? Our President rails against socialists. Clearly, he has no clue about what one is and how socialism has benefited millions of Americans year in and year out.

We live in an era of what may be defined as democratic socialism; where capitalists own much of the capital, yet we care for the people (citizens) of the country when they are unable to care for themselves. 

Be very careful that you understand the implications of your answers to the following questions on the survey: 2-5, 7-10, 12-15, 19, 21, 24-26, then watch out you don’t append your cell or phone number.

These are all poorly worded questions slanted to make a case for Donald Trump.

Why him? Look at the definition of a socialist: “Insatiable appetite for power ... impulsively controls the lives of others ... total lack of accountability.” Nicolas Maduro is one. Putin is another. The Ayatolla is the third and the King of Saudi Arabia is another. Get the idea?

If Donald quacks like one, then perhaps he is one! By implication, is this what the RNC is now all about? What they also want is your money!

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