Dear Editor,

I recently met George Zeigen while he was volunteering at our elementary school. One of many he’s help out at.

I witnessed Zeigen’s interaction with a troubled teen’s parent. He was so reassuring, acknowledging the game plan they had laid out was sound and offered guidance if they need. If one had not experienced it directly having a troubled teen, you’d not know what it was about. He truly does care about all kids.

I have been a parent of public schools system continuously since 1994, with seven more years to go. A school board can make or break a district.

A caring, engaged and active board member is what makes a strong board. This district has been a good fit for our family, but as George has said: “It can be so much better.” 

Let’s give our students a voice from someone who can make it better. Witnessing him interact with families, so easily, respectfully and reassuringly, he’s earned my vote.

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