Dear Editor,

As a parent of children that are currently in and graduated from the Stanwood-Camano schools, I am a firm believer and supporter of Natalie Hagglund for re-election to the Stanwood-Camano School District board of directors. Natalie has done a tremendous job on the board and we should be voting to continue her positive contributions to our school district.

I have known Natalie for several years as our boys have grown-up together within sports and Boy Scouts. She has proven over and over to be concerned with our children’s best interests whether it is in the classroom, on the stage, on the court/field, in nature, or preparing for their life after graduating. She has made a positive impact to so many of our youth with her volunteering in such things as music programs, Boy Scouts, PTAs/PTOs, and sports and with her work for the Stanwood Camano Area Foundation Scholarships. Even her current job as a preschool teacher at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church in Stanwood continues to show her dedication to the youth in our area.

Natalie also knows what it is like to attend Stanwood-Camano schools and work within the district. Natalie graduated from Stanwood High School. She and her mother also spent years working for the very district she now wants to keep moving in a positive direction.

Her knowledge and perspective from a student’s view, parent’s view, and employee’s view make her a rare and exceptional candidate for the board. I am voting for her and you should too.


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