Dear Editor,

It is my honor to serve as a Snohomish County District Court Judge. Prior to joining the judiciary, I had an opportunity to appear before many good judges. I learned a fair amount in that time about what makes a great judge. I write to encourage the voters of Snohomish County to retain one such judge, Judge Paul Thompson.

Judge Thompson, who spent many years representing the least fortunate among us, consistently demonstrates his compassion for all types of human experience. He has had first-hand interactions with those challenged by substance abuse disorders, mental illness, and poverty. He is also the most even-tempered person I’ve ever met and listens intently to everyone without pre-judging their words or their status. He treats everyone with kindness, compassion, and respect.

Judge Thompson’s track record of quiet leadership is also notable. Without fanfare or the need for personal recognition, he works with quiet collaboration. This is a time when Snohomish County is facing many challenges, and we need respected leaders.

Voting for judges is never easy. However, this time, the choice is clear. Judge Thompson was appointed by Governor Inslee after an exhaustive vetting process. He is the only candidate endorsed by the entire Snohomish County Superior Court bench. Of those participating in the Snohomish County bar association poll, 82% selected him over his opponent as their top choice for this position. Please join me in voting to retain Judge Paul Thompson.



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