Dear Editor,

As a retired educator, I have known Stanwood-Camano School District Superintendent Jean Shumate for nearly 40 years and recommended her for her first administrator position. Having worked with Jean, I know she is a great teacher and administrator. She has been great for Stanwood-Camano, our kids, teachers, staff, and the community have all benefited from her dedication and efforts. 

I tried to get her to return to Northshore School District as superintendent, but her passion was in the Stanwood Camano School District.

When I look at the new Stanwood High School, new Alternative Learning Center (containing Lincoln Hill High School, Lincoln Academy and Saratoga School), the maintenance/technology building, and the remodeled stadium without any increase in our tax rates, I’m amazed and thankful. Our children are now much safer with our recent district-wide safety audit, the hiring of a director of Student Services & Safety, more crossing guards, more playground supervision, more training, more equipment, and the School Safety Task Force which includes first responders, several high school students, parents and community members. These are examples of great leadership.

During the recent “Great Washington Shakeout” drill Stanwood was featured on a number of TV news channels for being the first school in Washington to incorporate the “ShakeAlert” early warning system and will be the first in the Northwest to have the system in all of our schools.

Our district is financially stable, students perform above average, and several schools have won awards for improvement in student achievement. The leadership members have been good stewards of taxpayers’ dollars.

The School Board, including the student advisors who serve on the board, is to be commended for its hard work over the years to provide the best possible education for all students. It is important to keep Natalie Hagglund and Ken Christoferson on our school board. Please vote to re-elect them.


Aaron Felk


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