Dear Editor,


My husband Sam and I attended the Candidates Forum sponsored by the AAUW on Oct. 16 in Stanwood. There was a stark contrast between the two City Council candidates for position 5 in their answers to the audience question about how they would involve residents in local government. This is especially important since the council is considering the issue of permanently eliminating the second community comment period at council meetings.

Steve Shepro suggested that there be a regular “citizen cafe” where residents could discuss ideas and concerns with him. Along with other ideas he’s previously brought to the council’s attention, such as an improved website. We came away with the sense that Steve understands current methods of engaging the community and that residents have many good ideas. Steve wants to create a means for those ideas to get to the people who can make them a reality: the Stanwood City Council.

Steve Shepro demonstrates integrity and energy and offers Stanwood a positive change. Stanwood is lucky to have someone like Steve Shepro. He deserves our vote for Stanwood City Council position 5.


Denise Long


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