Dear Editor: Recently I read that Stanwood and Camano are in the process of putting in the 5G wireless system. Snohomish County and Marysville are also building 5G infrastructure, using 25- to 40-foot poles placed 250 feet apart to create this “wireless” network.

I fear our leaders might have been offered less than full disclosure to consider pros and cons.

Stanwood’s tourist focus is wildlife and birding. Our precious trumpeter swans and snow geese populations are unique. With only two flyways in North America, we are blessed to be the wintering ground of these birds. Putting these flocks at risk would be criminally negligent.

I think our city, town and county councils have been presented a carefully managed story on the benefits of 5G, but not on its effects for wildlife, farm herds and humans.

Already I see the infrastructure towers going up. I urge readers to take a deeper look at the incoming data reports on 5G results when they “fire up.” 

We’re losing southern resident orcas already; we can avoid further self-inflicted wounds by doing our due diligence. 

Several articles cover the dangers, and I encourage our city and county officials to stop work on the 5G project while they do further research:

• Hundreds of birds dead during 5G experiment in the Netherlands:

• Doctors worldwide reporting the incredible benefits of reducing EMF exposure:

• PC Magazine deletes article about problems with 5G, and fires its author:

• Public Law 95-79, 50 U.S. Code Chapter 32 - Chemical And Biological Warfare Program 1959: Three House bills are being considered using this body of law, which is still used today.

• Video that deals with Public Law 95-79, 50 US Code Chapter 32, and more:

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