Dear Editor,

My husband, Jerry Kelly, and I enthusiastically support Natalie Hagglund for school board. We taught at Stanwood High School for over 25 years, one of us for 31. We both were very active in the Stanwood Camano Education Association, holding offices for many years in the organization. We were both on strike once. We supported the teacher strike last year, happy with the outcome.

We raised our children here. We love the Stanwood-Camano area, our schools, and our community. For these reasons, and more, Natalie Hagglund is our choice.

I have discussed with both candidates their qualifications for this office, either online or in person. I was impressed with Natalie’s honesty, her knowledge of curriculum, and her understanding of laws and fiscal responsibility. Natalie truly listens, very calmly, knowing words carry great power. She has a strong sense of right and wrong. She is warm, engaging, inquisitive, and smart. She is no one’s mouthpiece.

Since she was 10 years old, she has personified the Stanwood-Camano community, working at Twin City Foods, being a pre-school teacher, and volunteering countless hours in Scouts and in our schools even before she had children. Her resume is strong and varied.

She has served for four years on our school board with integrity. She makes her own decisions, valuing the input of everyone: community members, teachers, support staff, and students. She is the vice president of the school board and the only board member with children in the school district. She is a graduate of Stanwood High School, a shining example of our alumni. It is only fitting she see her work toward building her new alma mater to fruition.

Please join us with your vote to retain Natalie Hagglund for school board.

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