Dear Editor, 


Two times the people of Washington voted for $30 license tabs, and two times local and the state government added fees and taxes subverting the intent of our initiatives.

Now big business and rich corporations are supporting a “no” on I-976. The “sky is falling” mentality of 976 opponents is the same mantra we heard 30 years ago and their doom and gloom predictions never came true. I was in law enforcement at the time and heard how cuts would be made, and they never happened.

When the state had money from higher tabs 30 to 40 years ago, they never fixed bridges or ferries. In her commentary Island County Commissioner Janet St. Clair warns of cuts to bus service on the Island. This “free” service is not free as taxpayers cover the costs of mainly empty buses driving around the island. Why not a pay as you go system that helps offset the costs for this service? And, quite frankly, 90% of Camano residents are well off and never use the bus. Don’t eliminate it; modify it.

Every time we turn around, the state has their greedy hands in our pockets, and I for one would like to have a little extra money. Return $30 license tabs back to yourselves vote yes on I-976.


Jim and Connie Barrett

Camano Island

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