Dear Editor: When we attended the Stanwood Camano Community Fair on Aug. 3, an incident occurred about which I am very concerned.

As our group and others were leaving one building to cross to another building, we heard a loud roar of a truck engine starting. Everyone started running to escape a Port-a-Potty truck that was backing up right into the crowd.

Luckily everyone escaped injury, but it was very frightening. If my daughter-in-law had not been there to help me, I probably would not be here today.

I called the fair office the next day to file a complaint and was told that I would hear back from them. That did not happen.

As I see it, this is not just an issue of one truck with a careless driver, but a lack of safety standards in general on the fairgrounds. Many trucks were driving around the grounds that day.

Last week (late August) we attended the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe. Not a single truck was seen on the fairgrounds. Vendors were re-supplied by young people using those popular red wagons. Maybe the powers-that-be need to run over to Monroe to learn how to keep fairgrounds safe.

I’m not so sure that I will feel safe enough to ever attend the fair again in Stanwood.

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