Dear Editor,

I’ve been friends with George Zeigen and that infectious greeting of his for nearly 30 years. He and I were colleagues at Stanwood Middle School for much of that time, and I’ve observed many of his characteristics that I believe would benefit the Stanwood-Camano Island School District as a board member.

I’ve known no one who is more genuinely enthusiastic about people, especially kids, in my life. His open and gregarious manner leads to trust and trust is something that is desirable in a school board member, especially now.

If elected to the board, George Zeigen will immediately impact the district as he employs his higher education and professional training as a school counselor. He will be invaluable as he takes his time to closely listen to his constituents, assess their input and then follow through with suggestions and/or further research that will lead to an effective solution to their concern. He is that committed to public involvement.

George is a team player. He is fully prepared to join with the other board members in collaborating on plans that would directly benefit all students. However, don’t assume that George will “rubber stamp” proposals from the superintendent or others without asking some hard questions. It’s not in his nature to do so. 

He is fully committed to serve as the community’s trustee ceaselessly advocating for our students’ best interests above all else.

Know that a vote for George Zeigen will be a vote for progress, a vote for honesty, effective two-way communication, sound judgment and positive leadership.

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