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Dear Editor,

Crisis often reveals the character of a community. In the last few weeks, Camano Island has experienced snow, ice, high winds, king tides, heavy rains, flooding and a massive power outage. What I have seen shows me who we are as a community.

I am so impressed by the people of this community. In addition to our Snohomish PUD linemen, first responders and Public Works staff, I have seen neighbors helping neighbors just as in the 2019 snowmaggedon. Even on social media, an occasionally fierce corner of our community, I saw folks offering compassion and assistance. Residents warned residents of danger, and we looked out for each other.

From my point of view, we are a strong and caring community. Thanks to all who worked to keep us safe and helped others during this challenging time.

Janet St. Clair, Island County Commissioner

Camano Island

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