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Dear Editor, 

I am pleased to hear that the Stanwood City Council is rethinking the new City Hall/police station plan. The plan to relocate City Hall and the police station to the intersection of 72nd NW and Highway 532 is not a good idea, on both ends of the move.

The current City Hall, while dated, is architecturally interesting. It could be remodeled, maintaining its deco influences, into a facility of lasting attraction. In addition to the building’s visual presence, it is an important foundation of original Stanwood; that being, largely, the “downtown” area west of Pioneer Highway. This is the heart of the city and needs to keep its anchors. That also includes the police station. The station could move, if additional space is needed, but I believe the key civic departments should be located in the primary city.

Relocating these key city entities to the proposed location across from the new high school guarantees a few results, including big expense, and significant additional congestion at an intersection which is already inadequate, at some times of day, to flow traffic, even with normal school bus and auto traffic absent due to COVID-19.

It’s always easier to leave for newer digs than to stay in the old. So let’s get creative. Let’s take a page out of the Leavenworth book, out of the Winthrop book, out of the Carmel book. Let’s work to preserve and feature Stanwood’s past, both east and west, incorporating the flavor of that history, while polishing things up a bit.

City Hall and the police need to stay “home.” They are a critical part of the soul of this good city.

Jonathan Wright


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