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Dear Editor, 

I think we can all agree that during the morning and evening rush hours, Highway 532 gets pretty jammed up. 

I am happy to see the Stanwood City Council is looking at this issue. But what surprises me is that the council is not looking at the simplest — and by far the least expensive — solution: Timing the traffic lights.

If the lights were timed, a westbound car leaving the light at the high school and driving at the speed limit would arrive at each of the following lights finding it also green — no stops required.

Of course, there would need to be two separate timing programs, one for the evening westbound rush and one for the morning eastbound rush. When not in a rush hour, the lights could operate as they do now.

Having lived all over the country, this is a solution I have seen many times, and it works beautifully. Not just to keep the traffic flowing, but also keeping the traffic moving at the speed limit, since speeders soon encounter a red light.

And while we are at it, how about we eliminate that tiny little 35 mph zone at the west end of town on Highway 532? It's just another way of impeding traffic flow.

Robert Salnick

Camano Island

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