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Dear Editor,

A letter in the April 20 edition about Highway 532 traffic flow through Stanwood identified several problems. I'd like to add my thoughts.

As Camano Islanders trying to get home from I-5, we would like the traffic flow to be faster. However, as frequent shoppers at the various Stanwood businesses along 532, it is already frustrating (and especially so in west Stanwood), to try and get into the traffic flow from a side street or parking lot abutting 532. Woe to the poor pedestrian trying to get across 532. And don't get me started on the congestion to come as the new park and trails near the river come into play.

I'd suggest improving the traffic light timing starting on 532 at the high school and going west toward the island. Have a constant speed limit all the way from the high school to the west side of town, where the current speed limit increases. What that speed limit should be, however, is the contentious point. I am not sure that raising the 35 mph limit would necessarily be the answer. 

Raise the 45 mph limit west of town to Terry's Corner to the 50 mph used on the rest of Camano Island. Install a barrier divider at Eide Road, leading to the Leque Island trail. Illegal turns off of 532 are still common and slow the flow of traffic.

And as disruptive as it might be, the time may come to have one-way streets through Stanwood to move the traffic more efficiently.

So, Camano and Stanwood, welcome to the travails of big city life.

Lawrence Baum

Camano Island

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