Dear Editor,

I live on Marine Drive. I access Highway 532 many times per week to shop, get medical attention, bank, use the post office and other tasks. I have lived in this area since 1968, and I recall the Stanwood merchant attitudes back then for Highway 532 access as being controlled by the Stanwood merchant base. I support Stanwood merchants and professionals, but not this growing vehicle pandemic visited daily twice each day on Highway 532. 

The city's proposal to mitigate 10%-20% of traffic to Highway 532 from Pioneer Highway pales by comparison to the massive commute now growing as Camano residents and others drive to I-5. It is almost as if Camano Island should be in Snohomish County because they have only this one road to the mainland, and most just want to get to work and get home without further delays.

It is way past time for WSDOT to step up and widen and improve 532 from I-5 to Terry’s Corner with modern exits and access at only main points, not six controlled intersections before we become Camano’s Smokey Point. The distance from Terry’s Corner to Stanwood is fine. Stanwood is where the problem lies. Stanwood is no longer the last stage stop-and-shop on the way to Camano Island.

Knowing how slow WSDOT moves, Stanwood will become the next Smokey Point. By that time, you will need to have an ark standing by to get off the island, and then it will be too late. Widening Highway 532 to its full 100-foot bed and opening the flow of traffic through Stanwood by removing stop signs will take years. Consider the alternatives, if any.

Sam Bess


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