Dear Editor,

With the state Legislature passing new tax increases, many people I know are seriously considering moving out of Washington because they can no longer afford to live here and raise a family.

It seems to me that in the midst of a pandemic, the more appropriate response from the state would have been to reduce the tax burden rather than add to it. I am pleased, however, that our local Snohomish County Council representative, Nate Nehring, has led the charge on passing balanced budgets with no property tax increases at the county level.

Nehring has been successful in doing this every single year that he has been on the council. We need more leaders like Nehring who are looking out for the pocketbook of taxpayers and their families. I am proud to say that Nehring will have my vote this year, and I would encourage you to vote for him as well.

Yvonne Gallardo-Van Ornam



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