Dear Editor,

In the July 13 edition of the Stanwood Camano News, a letter to the editor called for the removal from office those who aid and abet sedition and insurrection activities. The writer lists a number of Republicans who he believes are complicit. He's right that that should not be tolerated, and elected officials should be held accountable.

But wait. How many of the rioters in the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol have been charged with sedition or insurrection? The answer is zero.

More than 500 people have been arrested in this riot, and rightly so. However one would think that if the Justice Department, especially after such an aggressive effort to track down and arrest the rioters, had a good case to charge them with sedition or insurrection, they would surely do so. But they haven't. Why? Perhaps they don't believe that that was really the crime.

Yet the letter writer wants the Republicans held accountable for a crime that in the eyes of the Justice Department they can't prove. Maybe the writer wants the Republicans held accountable for Democrats' talking points. On the contrary, I wonder if the writer is equally concerned with the assaults on one of our other equal and cherished institutions — the judiciary.

Antifa rioters have assaulted federal courthouses numerous times, doing severe damage and attempting to burn them. Yet despite Democratic lawmakers' claims that Antifa doesn't exist, the writer doesn't call for their accountability. Can we look forward to a letter from him on their accountability?

Ron Manz

Camano Island

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