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The Madison Place development at 262nd Street and 72nd Avenue plans 81 living units, all studio, one- or two- bedroom apartments. This, plus the already started 45-unit Cambridge Place, speaks more of a transient population than families who set down roots and enhance our community.

There already is crime nearby, according to shoplifting, car prowl and vandalism reports in the police blotter. With other apartments to the south and east, more high-density rentals are not a positive direction for Stanwood. A lack of burgeoning industry does not imply a need. Two more parcels of land closer to 72nd Avenue may be headed for similar development.

There will be a net gain of 79 parking stalls over the present 163 now used by local residents and businesses. How can that possibly work with an added 126 units, some with more than one vehicle? Increased use of public roads will become taxpayers’ responsibility, as might water runoff into Church Creek with fisheries implications, overburdening of at-capacity schools, added strain of water and sewage services, and, of course, traffic.

This is our part of the planet. We don’t get do-overs. Common sense should prevail.

Can the city consider mitigations to benefit the Stanwood citizens? Such as limiting the building to three floors with on-site parking instead of self-storage at the bottom, requiring a varied floor plan of two-to-three bedroom units for families, or condominiums instead of apartments? People who buy into an area are more likely to be involved citizens, which is beneficial to the city.

Kathie Donegan


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