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Dear Editor,

The fate of the country I dedicated my life to serving for 30 years with a check filled out for “up to and including my life” is at stake.

This is no longer about Republican vs Democrat, but rather: American liberty; freedom of religion and speech; the right to life and to bear arms for self and national defense; liberty and the pursuit of happiness; equal justice based on law and facts; individual opportunity based on effort, determination and focus; and self sufficiency.

It's those ideals versus anarchy, mob rule, mob justice based on emotion and agenda, intimidation, corruption, deceptive misinformation, brainwashing through liberal education, and socialism/communism cutting everyone down to the lowest common denominator instead of allowing them to reach their full potential based on determination and effort.

Never in my life have I felt our country’s existence was at greater risk then it is today. I feel that Russia and China are manipulating us through misinformation on social media, and our education system is propelling their manipulation through socialist indoctrination that teaches our children that America and capitalism are evil and always have been. That could not be further from the truth. We may never have been perfect, but we have a history of identifying wrongs and working to rectify them; continual progress. Don’t forget, our economic system has lifted more people out of poverty than any other system in the world.

Vote to keep America free and prosperous, a light to the rest of the world. Vote Republican.

Tracey Meck

Camano Island

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