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Dear Editor,

Regarding traffic flow into and out of Stanwood, it is already horrible and will only continue to get worse as the number of housing developments increases.

Poor planning on the part of the commissions involved, putting the cart before the horse. Where is the infrastructure for the hundreds of homes coming to this area? The infrastructure I write of is not retention ponds or parks but roads.

Soon, if the planning commission has its way, Highway 532 will be backed up getting off the freeway, such as the exits for Highway 2 or Arlington's I-5 exits.

We need a moratorium on new building in and around our area, including Camano Island, until a solution is developed and in place for traffic to flow in and out of Stanwood. Anything else is inexcusable, making our area an inhospitable place to live.

Planning commissioners and all others need to think ahead to how are we all going to get from place to place rather than just gleefully accepting monies from developers and lining the city coffers with cash from developers who don’t care because they will just build and run.

We need two lanes from the freeway to Terry's Corner on Camano in both directions — one lane from freeway dedicated to Camano Island traffic perhaps. But we really need a building moratorium until such time as infrastructure is in place — not just on paper but built, and up and running.

Tim Mcguire

Camano Island

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