Dear Editor,

I enjoyed the article "Power of Peas" on the cover of the Aug. 17 edition, however it did not go back far enough. I worked at Twin City Foods during the summers of 1955, 1956 and 1957. There were more than peas then. It started with strawberries then peas, ending the season with corn.

The strawberries were hand-packed by the ladies and girls, and then they were wrapped and frozen. While waiting for jobs, we would draw cartoons on the boxes before they were packed. I do not know what the customers thought.

Later, I worked on a tray freezing system. Because the pea packages would sometimes get stuck and smash up, we had to stay in the freezer. It was a half-hour in and one hour out to thaw out.

All the peas were vined at the plant. As your article said, there were no field viners. After peas came corn. They, too, were dumped in the parking lot and processed on site.

It was good times and at the time good money for high school kids, but the hours were long. However, if you had a date, you could shower at the hotel for 50 cents before heading to Mount Vernon for a show.

Like I said, it was good money but long hours, however, all the people were great to work with.

Jerry Nielsen

Camano Island


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