Sometimes it feels like I’m drifting on a distant foggy sea. Like my bearings are all off and I’m trying to remember me.

What is this space in time? Why are things out of rhythm or rhyme?

How long will I be drifting on these waters? Lord, please help me not miss my sons and daughters.

I need to hear Your voice again even if the weather is grim. I need Your guidance and a conviction from above.

Please return me to my first Love.

Set my feet on solid ground, even when food and water cannot be found.

Build up my hope, my love and trust. Keep my path away from consumption and lust.

Pour your spirit over me like a pure rushing river, abiding in You for strength to deliver.

May I forever rejoice in the God of my salvation and reach out to every tribe and nation.

Keep my heart grateful each and every day, teach me to speak only what You say.

Thank you for my family. Thank you for my life. Thank you for Jesus and an amazing wife. Thank you for your hope and resurrection! Thank you for much needed correction.

Thank you for our Saviour, who is the King of Kings, keep me on His path ... seeking greater things!

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