Every day is sacred, every day a gift from God. Making the most of every moment is our truest living. Serving as unto the Lord is the most fulfilling giving.

Finishing the race well with His strength and Grace, knowing that He has called me His own, I know I have an amazing future and eternal home.

Cherish your family and friends show them His love often. Pray for those who persecute you, pray for the lost. Don’t waste time on unrighteous anger or bitterness. Turn greed to generosity and grace.

Seek Him first and look upon His Face daily. Listen with your heart as you read His truth. Let the wind blow His grace and mercy over you. May your mind and conscience be clear and at peace with your Savior as you receive only what He can give — total forgiveness.

May your highest goal be a humble heart before God. May your strongest asset be prayer in the quiet place. May your greatest habit be walking in the Spirit with an ever-growing faith in an all-sufficient Savior.

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