This is the greatest national holiday. Just think how fortunate we are to be free to vote; free to express ourselves; free to worship as we choose. We are indeed a blessed nation.

“Give me liberty or give me death” was the cry of our Founding Fathers. Our nation’s freedom cost many lives, yet it results in life for us.

There are many types of freedom. Seniors just graduating from high school might say “free at last” as they drive to the lake, windows rolled down, listening to loud music. Free at last from homework, tests and early morning classes. Free from “teacher’s dirty looks.”

The mother of a two-year-old, longs to be free from dirty diapers. The person in pain longs to be free from suffering. The homeowner waits eagerly for the time to be free from house payments.

What is freedom? Dietrich Bonhoeffer, while in a German prison camp during WW II said, “I am still a free man.”

Freedom is a big powerful word. What does it mean? Freedom is the opposite of slavery. Freedom is the absence of bondage. Freedom results in peace with our past, peace with our situation, peace at time of death.

This freedom also was costly: Jesus died in order that we might be free. He paid the price that we might be free from sin, guilt, shame and fear. Jesus came to set the captive free.

Thank you, Jesus, for the greatest freedom of all.

As citizens of the United States, we are thankful for this reminder as we celebrate the Fourth of July.

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