Recently, I read a book by Ann Voskamp, titled “The Broken Way.”

The author experienced much turmoil and hardship during her life. On her journey, she encountered the Gospel.

Here are a few excerpts from her book:

Our brokenness is healed by Jesus' brokenness. God's grace touches our wounds.

God has not forgotten or abandoned you.

God's grace covers all shame, fear and prisons.

In Christ we know the outcome. Our future is secure.

No change without surrender. No surrender without wounds.

God's outcome for us is meant for our good. Always for His glory.

The greatest truth is the greatest paradox. When we are weak, we are strong. When we are broken, we are healed. When we give up we are rescued. Jesus touches our brokenness with His brokenness.

Jesus is gracious to us, how can we be cruel to ourselves or others?

Pain is not made to fit in our heart, that's why our hearts break.

Jesus experienced pain, He now heals our pain.

Jesus suffered for us and now suffers with us.

Jesus is our healer, we are safe with Him.

We don't know the future, but we know Him who holds the future.

These are a few nuggets from Ann Voskamp's book. Let us ponder these as we continue our journey.

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