Last year I listened to a sermon in which the pastor had cut up a bunch of words and put them in a hat. We were to grab one or two words, not trading them if they didn’t match what we wanted or the word seemed strange or negative, but letting them be our word/s for the year.

We were to look at and think/meditate/reflect on those words daily. I was amazed how much I was able to glean from two words for myself, for life, for growth, faith, concern and possibilities.

Below you will find a list of words. I know it requires some work, but type (or copy) them and cut them out. Place them in something then reach in and grab two words. Put them somewhere you will see them each day. Take time to reflect on them.

Here are the words:

Grace, forgiveness, restraint, consider, purpose, balance, ponder, deliberate, study, meditate, contemplation, weigh, design, examine, censure, accountable, denunciate, expect, intend, observe, track, conceive, bring, attract, cast, reflect, hesitate, wise, joy, celebrate, thankful, always, absolutely, faith, feel, serve, pray, praise, love, remember, breathe, kind, playful, important, dream, laugh, give, grateful, simple, life, death, break, heart, inhale, exhale, capable, beautiful, nature, birds, animal, human, fear, remorse, journey, day, night, dark, light, believe, need, want, bitter, you, pain, refine, improve, free, humility, less, more, empty, full, struggle, cheer, judge, forever, promise, hope, bless, quiet, silence, honor, shine, strength, job, worry, open, close, laugh, keep, release, mentor, change, see, life, center, edge, wait, prepare, act, power, body, positive, bridge, courage, play, worth, value, doubt, still, move, better, find, curious, beauty, leave, stay, presence, learn, allow, trust, ability, become, waste, create, future, now, past, wonder, everyone, truth, be, build.

Perhaps the Spirit is stirring in the words you pick without choosing them yourself. This could be a worthwhile reflection for you in the New Year.

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