Camaloch Ladies

The Monthly Medal competition drew 41 golfers July 7.

Sally Scott shot an 88 to claim the Low Gross title of the field. Karla Frey shot a 65 to seize the Low Net crown of the field.

Flight 1: Helen Maris took first place with a 72, followed by Meg LoDolce (77), Jane Wells (77) and Linbeth Croce (79).

Flight 2: Carolyn Bowman shot a 68 to earn the top spot, followed by Kay Park (73), Nikki Myron (75), Cindy Nickels (76) and Brenda Morrow (76).

Flight 3: Ellen Falk won with a 71, followed by Cindy Duggar (72), Chris Tastad (73) and Kathy Beauchamp (73).

Flight 4: Joan Haidle finished first with a 70, followed by Barbara Schustek (74), Jan McCollough (74) and Sunny Venegas (75).

Low Putts: Karla Frey (27), Kay Park (28), Barbara Schustek (28) and Liz Fagan (29).

Chip-ins: Diane Daniel on Hole 3; Karla Frey and Teri Swarner on Hole 4; Ellen Falk and Sunny Venegas on Hole 13; Carol Boseck on Hole 14; and Helen Maris on Hole 17.

Camaloch Lassies

Substitute 2 Worst Holes with pars using the front nine had 30 golfers on July 7.

Flight 1: Pam Cramer took the top spot with a 26, followed by Patty Lewis (26.5) and Jackie Girard (29).              

Flight 2: Jean Helaas and Nancy Bentley tied for first place by each shooting a 26, followed by Bonita Stuns (27.5).            

Flight 3: Kathy Nielsen claimed the victory with a 19.5, followed by Rae Ann Shearer (22.5) and Debbie Holtman (24.5).               

Chip Ins: Kathy Nielsen on Hole 8 and Marian King on Hole 4.

Birdie: Marian King on Hole 4.

Men's Club

There were 82 golfers July 9 for a competition of Low Gross/Low Net by Flight.

Flight 1: Jim Reese shot a 74 to claim the Low Gross title. He was followed by Steve Penry (79) and Pat Ladd (79). Jan Larsen shot a 66 to earn the Low Net victory. He was followed by Kurt Bayne (72).

Flight 2: Steve Hubbell shot an 84 to edge Reid Huntington (85) for the Low Gross crown. Steve Precup shot a 67 to win the Low Net title, finishing ahead of Joe Comereski (70), Chuck Seaburg (71), Bart Hooper (71) and Duane Holtmann (71).

Flight 3: Dave Nardinger shot an 86 to earn the Low Gross victory ahead of Ragnar Nordvik (89). Larry Shaw shot a 71 to seize the Low Net vicotry ahead of Brad Falk (73) and Russ Schustek (75). 

Closest to the Pin, Hole 9: Mike Beauchamp (2 feet, 8 inches).

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