Let's get straight just what universal and universe mean.

Re: Webster's Dictionary: Universe is all created things viewed as constituting one system or whole; the creation; the cosmos.

Universal is including or covering the whole or all, either collectively or distributively; unlimited. Of, or pertaining to the universe; present everywhere or in all.

Is that what Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and others want for us? Free universal health care and free college tuition for everyone? Universal? It must be what they want; they keep saying it often enough.

The way the "universe" is coming to us through our borders, we are going to have to have free universal everything whether the rest of us want it or not. 

Who is going to pay for this free universal everything? It most certainly is not going to be free. We as taxpayers, whether rich or poor, are going to pay for it. 

Really give it some thought before you vote again.

Martha Williamson


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