The Skagit Valley Herald Job Fair is Wednesday, January 16th at Skagit Publishing, 1215 Anderson Road in Mount Vernon. Employers call 360.424.4567 to reserve your space!. Job seekers are encouraged to come ready with their resumes!  

Finding a first job involves learning and working with a few select words—autonomy, freedom, maturity, projects, money, and the future. And to get the job you want, you have to be proactive. You have to roll up your sleeves. You have to be the best candidate for the job that you desire.

Much like your CV and cover letter, a well-constructed professional portfolio is instrumental in setting you apart from the competition. This collection of documents illustrates and showcases your professional ac­compli­shments and talents. It provides potential employers with concrete examp…

Finding a new job to match your expectations involves both time and energy on your part. This search can sometimes be a full time job in itself. Think of yourself as the manager who must establish the right conditions in order to land this new job.