MOUNT VERNON — The neon disc ripped through the trees, leaving a wake of falling leaves.

It glided effortlessly for a moment before banking hard to the right and crashing to the ground.

It was the perfect drive as the disc landed within view of the disc golf hole, a metal contraption complete with dangling chains and a cage-like catch basin.

The very same disc soon smashed into those chains and fell into the basin.

And with that, Kevin Banks of Big Lake completed hole No. 16 of Mount Vernon’s Edgewater Park Disc Golf Course.

Banks and the rest of his disc golfing threesome — Dalton Jorundursson of Mount Vernon and Brynna Bone of Anacortes — then set off for hole No. 17.

“So far, it’s been a lot of fun,” Bone said.

A Mount Vernon Parks and Enrichment Services project, the new 18-hole disc golf course runs throughout the park.

The first hole is found to the south of West Division Street, near the playground. Holes 2 to 6 are north of Division, and the remainder of the course is back on the south side.

While Banks had played the course once before and is a disc golf veteran, Jorundersson and Bone were playing for the first time.

“There are some great courses around here,” Banks said. “Cornwall (Bellingham) is good, Bakerview (Mount Vernon) is fun but small, and Northern State (Sedro-Woolley), it plays long. Kind of like this course. It can take awhile, but I love playing new courses and this course has some nice challenges, like the hole up on the hill.”

Challenging my be putting it lightly.

The back nine is peppered with blind tee shots as holes are tucked back off the fairway or completely hacked out of the brush.

There are plenty of holes where golfers have to let it fly and hope for the best.

“If you’re lucky, you end up somewhere out in the open,” Banks said.

If you aren’t, you end up looking for your disc among any number of thorny plants, shattered branches, downed trees, tall grass and weeds.

Banks said while the back nine at Edgewater Park is closed in and tough, the front nine is more forgiving.

“And this time of year with the wind blowing, it really adds to the difficulty,” he said.

The trio carried two discs apiece, choosing to play quick and light rather than with an entire bag of specific discs.

While Jorundersson is new to disc golf, he has played plenty of Ultimate Frisbee. So hurling a disc in the general direction of a target was not out of the norm.

“This is more exciting than playing actual golf,” Jorundersson said. “It’s a lot of fun and I would definitely do it again. But I would practice more on the first nine before taking on the second nine.”

The layout of the course can be found on the udisc app.

— Reporter Vince Richardson: 360-416-2181,, Twitter: @Sports_SVH,

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