At least two Skagit County high schools have plans to award letters to athletes who have lost their spring seasons because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Burlington-Edison will award letters to all seniors, while La Conner will give letters to those who over the next six weeks complete training plans from their coaches.

"Those workouts will focus on the physical aspects and will also stress nutrition and working through this situation," La Conner Athletic Director Kathy Herrera said. "Working out to increase strength, and working out to stay mentally sharp."

Concrete has no plans for awarding letters to spring athletes, while Sedro-Woolley is taking a look at how it might adjust its normal requirements for earning letters.

"Those requirements, well, they have all changed," Sedro-Woolley Athletic Director Jerry Gardner said. "We aren't sure what they look like now. I am in discussions with all my head coaches and we will have criteria in place for the kids. We just want to make sure and do it right."

In La Conner, Herrera said the plan is to have the coaches contact their athletes and provide workouts specific to their sports.

Having a connection between coaches and athletes is as important as the workouts themselves, said Herrera.

"We want to show we care and have compassion about their situations, to let them know they haven't been forgotten about," she said. "It's going to be good for everyone's mental well-being and will keep our athletes active. We want those players coming back in the fall to be ready mentally and physically."

Herrera said the La Conner coaches have come up with great ideas, including making videos of themselves doing drills, and for the golfers, working on some trick shots that can be done at home.

Tennis balls will play a part in baseball coach Jeremiah LeSourd's spring workout program.

He plans to get a couple boxes of tennis balls, then leave some balls in the front yards of his players.

"You can do a lot by yourself with a tennis ball," LeSourd said.

The situation is bringing him back to his younger days.

"It's like I'm a kid again," he said of putting together drills. "You can throw a tennis ball off the roof and catch it. Heck, if you can hit a rock with a stick, you can hit a baseball."

At the end of the school year, Herrera will connect with her coaches, and those athletes who fully participated in the workouts will be considered for letters.

"This puts some light at the end of the tunnel," she said. "It gets the kids and the coaches involved, and to celebrate all their hard work."

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