2015 Baseball Stats

2015 Baseball - Batting Average

Player School Average
Logan James La Conner .509
Jordan Neville Anacortes .477
Cameron Hansen La Conner .477
Mason Schwetz Burlington-Edison .473
Dylan Clark Concrete .452
Preston Stewart La Conner .448
Max Miller La Conner .426
Ty Johnson Anacortes .413
Eli Gallo Anacortes .385
Maguire Gibson Mount Vernon .380
Gibson Fichter Concrete .375
James Hulbert La Conner .340
Anthony Notaro Anacortes .333
Aiden Driscoll-Sadusky Sedro-Woolley .333
Taylor Swanson La Conner .333
Jay Kiesser Anacortes .326
Derek Cherryholmes Burlington-Edison .323

2015 Baseball - Runs Scored

Player School Runs
Cameron Hansen La Conner 28
Logan James La Conner 26
Mason Schwetz Burlington-Edison 22
Carson Lindell Mount Vernon 19
Taylor Swanson La Conner 19
Derek Cherryholmes Burlington-Edison 18
Preston Stewart La Conner 17
Gibson Fichter Concrete 17
Maguire Gibson Mount Vernon 16
Tyler Labrousse Concrete 16
Jordan Neville Anacortes 16
Jason Mustappa Mount Vernon 15
Max Miller La Conner 14
Eli Gallo Anacortes 14
Dylan Clark Concrete 13
James Hulbert La Conner 12
Erick Reinstra La Conner 11
Matt Semrau La Conner 11
Joe D'Amelio Anacortes 11
Branson Gahan Sedro-Woolley 10
Nic Metcalf Burlington-Edison 10
Hunter Anderson Burlington-Edison 10
Trey Lopez Burlington-Edison 10

2015 Baseball - Runs Batted In

Player School RBI
Max Miller La Conner 24
Logan James La Conner 23
Dylan Clark Concrete 21
Maguire Gibson Mount Vernon 19
Mason Schwetz Burlington-Edison 18
Ryan Fredrickson Mount Vernon 15
Cameron Hansen La Conner 15
Nic Metcalf Burlington-Edison 15
Ty Johnson Anacortes 14
Trey Lopez Burlington-Edison 13
Jason Mustappa Mount Vernon 13
Jordan Neville Anacortes 13
Matt Irving Anacortes 13
Bryce Humerickhouse Sedro-Woolley 12
Preston Stewart La Conner 12
Matt Semrau La Conner 12
Eli Gallo Anacortes 10
Hayden Schmidt Mount Vernon 10
Gibson Fichter Concrete 10

2015 Baseball - Home Runs

Player School Home Runs
Mitch Davis Anacortes 2
Eil Gallo Anacortes 2
Sean Ferdig Burlington-Edison 1
Ty Johnson Anacortes 1
Logan James La Conner 1
Cooper Zavala La Conner 1
Tristan Brock Mount Vernon 1

2015 Baseball - Pitching Wins

Player Schools Wins
Max Miller La Conner 10
Drew Larson Burlington-Edison 8
Matt Irving Anacortes 7
Joe Brennan Anacortes 6
Ryan Fredrickson Mount Vernon 5
Derek Cherryholmes Burlington-Edison 5
Gibson Fichter Concrete 4
Cooper Nelson Mount Vernon 3
Eli Gallo Anacortes 3
Cameron Hansen La Conner 3

2015 Baseball - Earned-Run Average

Player School ERA
Taylor Swanson La Conner 0.41
Trey Lopez Burlington-Edison 0.45
Derek Cherryholmes Burlington-Edison 0.95
Matt Irving Anacortes 1.02
Caden Cornett Anacortes 1.17
Joe Brennan Anacortes 1.31
Tim Cummings Mount Vernon 1.47
Max Miller La Conner 1.50
Ryan Fredrickson Mount Vernon 1.61
Caleb Brigham Burlington-Edison 1.68
Gibson Fichter Concrete 1.78
Drew Larson Burlington-Edison 1.80
Cameron Hansen La Conner 2.14
Erick Reinstra La Conner 2.15
Cooper Nelson Mount Vernon 3.07
Allen Beath Mount Vernon 3.37

2015 Baseball - Strikeouts

Player School Strikeouts
Max Miller La Conner 99
Drew Larson Burlington-Edison 60
Gibson Fichter Concrete 55
Joe Brennan Anacortes 52
Derek Cherryholmes Burlington-Edison 39
Matt Irving Anacortes 37
Ryan Fredrickson Mount Vernon 34
Cameron Hansen La Conner 32
Stephen Olsen Sedro-Woolley 29
Dylan Clark Concrete 28
Erick Reinstra La Conner 26
Devin Willard Sedro-Woolley 25
Colby Hollands Sedro-Woolley 25
Trey Lopez Burlington-Edison 22
Cooper Nelson Mount Vernon 22
Sean Ferdig Burlington-Edison 19
Taylor Swanson La Conner 18
Caleb Brigham Burlington-Edison 16
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