2019 Baseball Stats

2019 Baseball Batting Average (Final)

Player School Avg.
Shayne Luttrell Concrete .444
Axel Wilhonen Burlington-Edison .439
Kayden Stevenson Anacortes .429
Dalton Newby Concrete .404
Michael Hall Sedro-Woolley .391
Ty Saunders Anacortes .382
Tyler Goss Sedro-Woolley .367
Cole Williams Mount Vernon .354
Erik McGehee Mount Vernon .351
David O'Neil Concrete .341
Alex Thurmond Burlington-Edison .322
Alex Hulst Sedro-Woolley .319

2019 Baseball Runs Scored (Final)

Player School Runs
Michael Hall Sedro-Woolley 26
Tyler Goss Sedro-Woolley 24
Axel Wilhonen Burlington-Edison 23
Trevor Wall Burlington-Edison 21
Dalton Newby Concrete 21
Will Watson Burlington-Edison 19
Weston Abbott Sedro-Woolley 18
Alex Thurmond Burlington-Edison 17
Cody Hamilton Sedro-Woolley 17
Alex Hulst Sedro-Woolley 16
Owen Murdock Sedro-Woolley 16
Ty Saunders Anacortes 15
Shayne Luttrell Concrete 15
Cole Williams Mount Vernon 15
Carter Trammell Sedro-Woolley 15
Jack Collins Anacortes 14
Peyton Sanchez Concrete 14
Tyler Coffell Concrete 14
Travis Oord Mount Vernon 14
Cody Buchanan Sedro-Woolley 14
Dylan Carter Mount Vernon 12
Ryan Rubalcava Anacortes 11
David O'Neil Concrete 11
Skyler Jensen Mount Vernon 11
Matt Harper Anacortes 10
Erik McGehee Mount Vernon 10
Andrew Tiessen Anacortes 9
Pierson Nordmark Anacortes 9
Garner Christensen Burlington-Edison 9
Eli Fautheree Burlington-Edison 9

2019 Baseball RBI (Final)

Player School RBI
Axel Wilhonen Burlington-Edison 23
Shayne Luttrell Concrete 20
Michael Hall Sedro-Woolley 19
Tyler Goss Sedro-Woolley 17
Dalton Newby Concrete 15
Cody Buchanan Sedro-Woolley 15
Weston Abbott Sedro-Woolley 15
Pierson Nordmark Anacortes 14
Isaac Lindsey Burlington-Edison 14
Peyton Sanchez Concrete 14
Carter Trammell Sedro-Woolley 14
Cole Williams Mount Vernon 13
Reilly Olmsted Mount Vernon 13
Alex Hulst Sedro-Woolley 13
Eric Dotzauer Anacortes 12
Isaiah Shetler Burlington-Edison 12
Dylan Carter Mount Vernon 12
Ty Saunders Anacortes 11
Skyler Jensen Mount Vernon 11
Jakob Fleury Burlington-Edison 10
Alex Thurmond Burlington-Edison 10
Trevor Wall Burlington-Edison 9
David O'Neil Concrete 9
Cody Hamilton Sedro-Woolley 9

2019 Baseball Home Runs (Final)

Player School Home Runs
Reilly Olmsted Mount Vernon 3
Eric Dotzauer Anacortes 1
Jakob Fleury Burlington-Edison 1
Axel Wilhonen Burlington-Edison 1
Cole Williams Mount Vernon 1
Skyler Jensen Mount Vernon 1
Alex Hulst Sedro-Woolley 1
Tyler Goss Sedro-Woolley 1

2019 Baseball Pitching Wins (Final)

Player School Wins
Carter Trammell Sedro-Woolley 8
Ryan Rubalcava Anacortes 7
Reilly Olmsted Mount Vernon 7
Cody Buchanan Sedro-Woolley 7
Ty Saunders Anacortes 5
Jakob Fleury Burlington-Edison 5
Isaiah Shetler Burlington-Edison 5
Shayne Luttrell Concrete 3
Isaac Lindsey Burlington-Edison 2
Tyler Coffell Concrete 2
David O'Neil Concrete 2
Hudson Rhynes Mount Vernon 2
Wyatt McGee Sedro-Woolley 2

2019 Baseball ERA (Final)

Player School ERA
Isaiah Shetler Burlington-Edison 0.60
Cody Buchanan Sedro-Woolley 1.07
Jakob Fleury Burlington-Edison 1.20
Reilly Olmsted Mount Vernon 1.33
Ryan Rubalcava Anacortes 1.48
Ty Saunders Anacortes 1.49
Lane Harlan Mount Vernon 2.72
Wyatt McGee Sedro-Woolley 2.87
Carter Trammell Sedro-Woolley 3.10
Shayne Luttrell Concrete 3.12
Colby Arnold Burlington-Edison 3.17
Hudson Rhynes Mount Vernon 3.19
Isaac Lindsey Burlington-Edison 3.42

2019 Baseball Strikeouts (Final)

Player School Strikeouts
Reilly Olmsted Mount Vernon 88
Ty Saunders Anacortes 87
Shayne Luttrell Concrete 72
Isaiah Shetler Burlington-Edison 62
Carter Trammell Sedro-Woolley 62
Cody Buchanan Sedro-Woolley 60
Jakob Fleury Burlington-Edison 39
Hudson Rhynes Mount Vernon 30
Tyler Coffell Concrete 29
Ryan Rubalcava Anacortes 28
Lane Harlan Mount Vernon 23
Isaac Lindsey Burlington-Edison 19
Wyatt McGee Sedro-Woolley 19
David O'Neil Concrete 17
Colby Arnold Burlington-Edison 16
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