2016 Spring Soccer Stats

2016 Spring Soccer

Player School Goals
Milan Kassa Anacortes 18
Adrian Vasquez Sedro-Woolley 13
Calvin Schleppy Mount Vernon 10
Cesar Medina Mount Vernon 9
Blaine Hindman Sedro-Woolley 6
Johnny Miller Burlington-Edison 6
Paul Gallahar Anacortes 6
Alex Woodard Burlington-Edison 5
Chris Ojeda Burlington-Edison 5
Alan Garcia Burlington-Edison 4
Cameron Orestad Burlington-Edison 4
Ricardo Salinas Burlington-Edison 4
Jorge Rodriguez Mount Vernon 4
Javie Delacruz Mount Vernon 4
Anthony Arce Munoz Sedro-Woolley 3
Jaime Vazquez Mount Vernon 3
Cade Isakson Sedro-Woolley 2
Guadalupe Sandoval Mount Vernon 2
Jake Hendricks Anacortes 2
Hernan Mernano Burlington-Edison 2
Tristan Lewis Anacortes 2
Dallas Shelton Sedro-Woolley 2
Sheen Rodriguez Burlington-Edison 2
Ethan Isakson Sedro-Woolley 2
Chris Rocha Mount Vernon 2
Akira Nystrom Anacortes 2
Baley Heyntsen Burlington-Edison 1
Edgar Manzillas Mount Vernon 1
Gerardo Garibay Mount Vernon 1
Hernan Ortega Burlington-Edison 1
Nick Huebel Anacortes 1
Junior Santacruz Mount Vernon 1
Brendan Sewell Burlington-Edison 1
Lucas Manion Anacortes 1
Gavin Holdt Sedro-Woolley 1
Kevin Tinoco Burlington-Edison 1
Alex Rea Mount Vernon 1
Dimar Ugalde Sedro-Woolley 1
Andres Flores Mount Vernon 1
Connor Wilson Anacortes 1
Jonathan Salazar Mount Vernon 1
Kenji Nystrom Anacortes 1

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