2017 Fall Soccer Stats

2017 Girls' Soccer Scorers (Final)

Player School Goals
Emma Lee La Conner 22
Natalya Schwetz Sedro-Woolley 21
Gabby Ronngren Anacortes 15
Moira MacKay Burlington-Edison 13
Anika Lubbers Mount Vernon Christian 12
Olivia Isakson Sedro-Woolley 11
Miranda Maskell Burlington-Edison 11
Kylee Russell Mount Vernon Christian 10
Brooklyn Morrison Mount Vernon 10
Kadesha Webster Sedro-Woolley 9
Kaeli Hauck Mount Vernon Christian 8
Della Babcock Sedro-Woolley 7
Kennedy McKinnon Mount Vernon 6
Addie Reinstra La Conner 6
Kenna MacKay Burlington-Edison 5
Kayla Hagen La Conner 5
Emma Symmenk Mount Vernon Christian 5
Brianna Rodriguez Mount Vernon 5
Kiley Geist Anacortes 4
Skye Hopper Anacortes 4
Chloe Hynds Sedro-Woolley 4
Grace Clark Burlington-Edison 4
Ketelina O'Brien La Conner 4
Delaney Cobbs La Conner 4
Madelyn Requa Sedro-Woolley 3
Sarah Semrau Mount Vernon Christian 3
Charity Jordan La Conner 3
Ellee Carpenter Burlington-Edison 2
Sophia Benetti La Conner 2
Haley Hood Mount Vernon Christian 2
Ava Kephart Anacortes 2
Maizie Chapin Mount Vernon 2
Caytlon Eddy Burlington-Edison 2
Lydia Nemnich Mount Vernon Christian 2
Zoe Yanega Anacortes 1
Atziry Torres Sedro-Woolley 1
Madison Skinner Sedro-Woolley 1
Laura Moores Mount Vernon 1
Tessa Brownell Burlington-Edison 1
Misha Quezada Mount Vernon 1
Megan Bellusci Anacortes 1
Sophia Schmaus Mount Vernon Christian 1
Rachel Drake La Conner 1
Delaney Warren Sedro-Woolley 1
Kami Hamilton Sedro-Woolley 1
Carina Becerrra Burlington-Edison 1

2017 Fall Boys' Soccer Scorers (Final)

Player School Goals
Kyler Houck Mount Vernon Christian 13
Dario Zamora La Conner 7
Kendell Lervick Mount Vernon Christian 5
Christopher Wyatt Mount Vernon Christian 3
Gabe Taylor Mount Vernon Christian 3
Carlos Zamora La Conner 3
Noah Lee La Conner 2
Tyeton Bates La Conner 2
Jacob Hays Mount Vernon Christian 2
Carter Annema Mount Vernon Christian 2
Levi Gott Mount Vernon Christian 1
Mason Wilson La Conner 1
Manuel Lopez La Conner 1
Noah Lubbers Mount Vernon Christian 1
Kyler Dawson La Conner 1
Micah Hays Mount Vernon Christian 1
Canaan VanderArk Mount Vernon Christian 1
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