2019 Softball Stats

2019 Softball Batting Average (Final)

Player School Avg.
Megan Bellusci Anacortes .732
Lindsey South Anacortes .632
Gracie Shetler Burlington-Edison .621
Madeleine Hylback Mount Vernon .607
Riley Conn Sedro-Woolley .476
Maddy Holmes Anacortes .448
Miranda Johnson Mount Vernon .448
Emma Fleury Burlington-Edison .446
Abby Virata Sedro-Woolley .441
Kiah Trammell Sedro-Woolley .426
Gracie Woiwood Sedro-Woolley .421
Madelyn Requa Sedro-Woolley .418
Ashlyn Stroud Mount Vernon .417
Abi Hannan Sedro-Woolley .410
Euno White Anacortes .410
Megan Friend Sedro-Woolley .403
Nicole Wright Sedro-Woolley .393
Alanah Harju Anacortes .386
Rachel Rocero Mount Vernon .382
Mabel Gahan Sedro-Woolley .367
Riley Pirkle Anacortes .357

2019 Softball Runs Scored (Final)

Player School Runs
Megan Bellusci Anacortes 47
Emma Fleury Burlington-Edison 34
Lindsey South Anacortes 33
Gracie Shetler Burlington-Edison 30
Euno White Anacortes 29
Madeleine Hylback Mount Vernon 26
Alanah Harju Anacortes 23
Maddy Holmes Anacortes 22
Alina Johnson Anacortes 22
Abby Virata Sedro-Woolley 22
Megan Friend Sedro-Woolley 21
Rachel Rocero Mount Vernon 20
Grayson Mast Sedro-Woolley 20
Lacey Bronte Burlington-Edison 19
Abi Hannan Sedro-Woolley 19
Hannah Forst Sedro-Woolley 19
Madelyn Requa Sedro-Woolley 18
Kiah Trammell Sedro-Woolley 18
Hollie Davis Sedro-Woolley 17
Mabel Gahan Sedro-Woolley 17
Mogan Harris Burlington-Edison 16
Madison Harris Burlington-Edison 13
Madelon Woods Mount Vernon 13
Miranda Johnson Mount Vernon 13

2019 Softball RBI (Final)

Player School RBI
Lindsey South Anacortes 37
Gracie Shetler Burlington-Edison 37
Megan Bellusci Anacortes 33
Alina Johnson Anacortes 26
Maddy Holmes Anacortes 24
Riley Conn Sedro-Woolley 24
Madeleine Hylback Mount Vernon 21
Euno White Anacortes 20
Riley Pirkle Anacortes 18
Miranda Johnson Mount Vernon 18
Megan Friend Sedro-Woolley 18

2019 Softball Home Runs (Final)

Player School Home Runs
Madeleine Hylback Mount Vernon 6
Lindsey South Anacortes 5
Alina Johnson Anacortes 3
Riley Pirkle Anacortes 3
Mabel Gahan Sedro-Woolley 3
Megan Bellusci Anacortes 2
Gracie Shetler Burlington-Edison 2
Madelyn Requa Sedro-Woolley 2
Maddy Holmes Anacortes 1
Haley Schmidt Anacortes 1
Emma Fleury Burlington-Edison 1
Madelon Woods Mount Vernon 1
Avery Wagner Sedro-Woolley 1
Grayson Mast Sedro-Woolley 1
Nicole Wright Sedro-Woolley 1
Hollie Davis Sedro-Woolley 1
Riley Conn Sedro-Woolley 1

2019 Softball Pitching Wins (Final)

Player School Wins
Riley Pirkle Anacortes 17
Izzy Young Burlington-Edison 7
Riley Conn Sedro-Woolley 5
Madeline Hylback Mount Vernon 4
Avery Wagner Sedro-Woolley 4

2019 Softball ERA (Final)

Player School ERA
Izzy Young Burlington-Edison 3.32
Riley Pirkle Anacortes 3.57
Riley Conn Sedro-Woolley 3.89
Avery Wagner Sedro-Woolley 5.85

2019 Softball Strikeouts (Final)

Player School Strikeouts
Riley Pirkle Anacortes 118
Izzy Young Burlington-Edison 66
Madeleine Hylback Mount Vernon 60
Riley Conn Sedro-Woolley 42
Avery Wagner Sedro-Woolley 32
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