Hang-gliders at Mount Erie, 1982 photo

FROM MAY 12, 1982: SCENIC MT. ERIE, a city-owned peak south of Anacortes, is a popular spot for daring hang-gliders who enjoy a tranquil flight down to the grassy fields near Lake Campbell. A famed tourist attraction, Mt. Erie now has the eye of Washington State Parks, which would like to manage the Mt. Erie area in conjunction with the new Heart Lake State Park. Negotiations between the state and city are now underway. 

May 12, 1932

In order to secure better fire protection for rural communities there is growing interest in cooperative ownership or modern fire fighting apparatus maintained at central station, capable of quickly reaching adjoining towns or farm residences.

A few years ago such a plan would have been impractical due to poor roads and horse drawn fire engines. But today the good roads radiate in every direction. High speed, standardized, motor driven apparatus can reach fires long distances away in a very few minutes.

May 14, 1942

Seven thousand and forty-four Anacortes people registered last week from Monday thru Thursday in the sugar rationing registration program held here. … Of the 7044 persons registered the local Rationing Board announced that a total of 5738 sugar rationing books were issued to persons applying. 1306 persons were denied books for the present due to the fact that they had ample supplies of sugar on hand.

May 8, 1952

Opening events in the third annual Anacortes Junior Olympics will get underway at War Memorial Field, Saturday morning at 10 o’clock.

Track and field events for boys and girls of grade and junior high school ages will be features of the day with different teams chosen from the various grades participating in the different contests. Individual winners will receive ribbons and the winning teams will be guests on an excursion to Woodland Park and Playland Amusement Park in Seattle.

May 9, 1962

Working together in the spirit of cooperation that earned Anacortes the title of All-American City, community leaders have completed plans for Friday’s gala Awards Day celebration.

Anacortes artists are preparing a fitting setting for the presentation banquet that will highlight the day’s events. Set to begin in the Central School auditorium at 6:30 Friday evening, the Presentation Banquet will be served by leading city chefs, each preparing their specialty as their contribution to the memorable occasion.

May 11, 1972

Anacortes was represented at the annual convention of the Washington state Division of the American Association of University Women in Spokane April 28, 29 and 30 by Marilyn Anderson and Allegra Solzman.

The main business of the convention was to vote on the State AAUW legislative program which will serve as a guide to the organization as they attempt to influence legislative action in education, cultural areas, environmental issues, social and economic welfare and state government operations.

May 12, 1982

Discussions are now underway between the City of Anacortes and Washington State Parks over possible state management of city-owned Mt. Erie south of Anacortes.

Talks on the matter have been held in recent months between State Parks representatives and the City’s Community Forest Advisory Board. Another such meeting will take place Thursday night.

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