Looking Back: From Jan. 4, 1962 - hydrotreater addition at the then-Shell Oil refinery

Jan. 4, 1962 — REFINERY ADDITION — Work nears the half-way mark on the new distillate hydrotreater being built at Anacortes' Shell Oil refinery this week. It is the second of two major additions aprpoved for the local plant since it commenced operation in the mid-1950s.

Jan. 4, 1912

Postmaster V.J. Knapp’s figures for the last quarter are cause for further rejoicing on the part of residents of Anacortes for they are sufficiently large to insure the postoffice department considering the establishment of free delivery after the end of the fiscal year next March. … The sum fixed by the postoffice department for the establishment of free delivery is $10,000 and with the close of the quarter on December 31 the total for the year showed $10,421.70 in business done in the local office.

Jan. 7, 1932

Arrests and bookings in Anacortes police headquarters during 1931 total 331, or an average of less than one a day. While this is a fine showing for a town with a population of over 6,000 people, it is more than twice the arrests in 1930 when only 128 persons were apprehended. … Drunk and Disorderly tops the list of charges against those arrested.

Jan. 3, 1952

Anacortes began coming out from under its Christmas decorations today and settling down for the New Year.

… The one-thousand light display put up for the first time this year at Causland Memorial park will be packed away until next December when an additional 1,000 lights will be added. The 1951 Christmas season was one of the most colorful in local history, with scores of Anacortes residents decorating their house fronts and shrubs for the holidays.


Because it’s an old newspaper custom to report the weather to readers as if they were unable to observe it for themselves — we wish to report that it snowed today.

By press time today the new snowfall was not sufficient to measure, just enough to bring unnumbered complaints from snow-weary drivers or plodders who had begun to hope the worst was over.

Little more enlightenment is available from the weather bureau. The official forecast for the northwest today predicted higher temperatures tonight. … Yesterday’s high in Anacortes was 31. The low, 27.

Jan 4, 1962

All Anacortes employers are reminded that the 1961 amendments to the Washington State Minimum Wage Law increased minimum pay rates to $1.25 per hour, effective Jan. 1.

Some of the exemptions allowed … are: Minors under 18; state, county and municipal employees; persons employed by hospitals and nursing homes licensed by the state to operate; and students employed by institutions of higher learning.

Jan. 6, 1972

Most of the positions contracted in Skagit County under the Emergency Employment Act of 1971 are now filled, resulting in a boost of $430,150 to the local economy.

These funds are used by local government, public agencies and Indian tribes. Northern State Hospital and Skagit Valley College are directly funded from Olympica and are in addition to the $430,150.

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